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Obtaining work permit, as well as residency permit, registration place of living in Ukraine


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Foreigners have the possibility to set up either a new business in Ukraine or a representative office for their existing business and thus apply for a residence or work permit for themselves, their employees.


Our Attorneys are glad to advise you on all the details on any issues in this regard.


Naturally this service also includes either the drafting or scrutinizing of articles of association (by-laws), making appropriate contracts (agreements), registration with the commercial register in Ukraine, resolving any problems between partners, as well as passing relevant litigation procedure in courts, if any.


Our Lawyers  have in-depth legal experience and skills to provide a Client with following legal support on obtaining:


- work permit as well as insurance policy, as a basis for issuing new visa D, as well as residency permit,

- new term visa D,

- residency permit,

- registration place of living.


Our Attorneys will draft, submit, obtain required documents in due course.


There are relevant steps to obtain foresaid official papers for the Client:


Step # 1. Obtaining work permit (can be passed without the Client’s present in Ukraine)


Following documents are required:

-       Labor contract

-       Application request to the  Employment Center

-       The Power of attorney issued by the Employment

-       Notarized Client’s passport translation

-       One Client’s color photo (size 35*45 mm)


Timeline: up to 10 business days.


Valid term of work permit: one year, but if the Client is high-paid employee (wage rate is 50 (appx. USD 6480) and more), work permit can be issued for 3-years term.



Step # 2. Obtaining long-term visa (D type), as well as insurance policy


 As to common  documents for visa obtaining are required:


(1) Passport which should comply with these requirements:


-- be valid for at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from Ukraine;

-- have at least 2 pages free from any visas/marks/stamps;

-- be issued for no more than 10 years.


(2) Printed and signed visa application form


(3) One Client’s color photo (size 35*45 mm)


(4) Proof that the applicant is a holder of (or is entitled to benefit from) a valid insurance policy


(5) Proof of sufficient funds to cover the costs of stay (e.g. bank statement for 2 recent months, cash in Ukrainian hryvnia/other convertible currency, bank cards along with current/savings account balance statements provided the bank cards can be cashed in Ukraine, hotel/accommodation booking, letter from the applicant’s employer/sponsor confirming their coverage of applicant’s expenses in Ukraine, a return/transit ticket etc.),


(6) Notified copy of obtained work permit


Certificates issued by foreign countries should be apostilled (legalized) and translated into Ukrainian as well as duly certified.



Step # 3. Obtaining residency permit (the Client’s present is needed)


Following documents for visa obtaining are required:


- Passport and relevant notarized translation,

- Employer’s Obligation statement,

- Insurance policy,

- Work permit


Timeline: up to 15 business days.



Step # 4. Registration place of living (procedure can be done without the Client’s present)


This procedure is required to get all official state correspondences, to communicate with the Ukrainian authorities. Otherwise, residency permit can be cancelled, and fine will be imposed in this regard.

Timeline: up to 3 business days.


Our legal team are good at (1) registration procedures of the Non-Government Organizations, the Representative offices, the Limited Liability Companies, the Charity Funds in Ukraine as well, (2) real estate transactions, (3) a legal Due-diligence research.


Please contact us should you have any questions.



Your sincerely,

Eugene Vlasov


Ukraine, Kyiv 

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