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Contract, agreement issues


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Appropriate business contract for your business is a main element of ensuring your business works efficiently, with good customer and supplier relationships and few, if any, court trial.


With our legal experience, you can be assured we will work swiftly to secure you a deal that protects your business position and interests.


We ensure our clients have highly practical, usable business contracts. Nothing extra is included and nothing important is left out.


We step in to manage the process of review, negotiation or resolution of problems.


Experience extends to a variety of business agreements.


We can look at broader issues such as tax matters.


Many of our clients have moved to us from larger firms for better value for money.


Various terms and obligations will have different implications for contractors, depending on the market and intended use within the agreement. 


We draft our business agreements to encourage strong performance and mitigate the risk of disputes.


Our experts can also make various types of agreements, including:


(1) Distribution contracts 

(2) Agency contracts

(3) Sale and purchase contracts

(4) Supply contracts

(5) Services agreements

(6) Cargo (shipment) contracts

(7) Lease (rent) agreements 

(8) Warehouse agreements

(9) NDA 

(10) International contracts and etc.


We have a strong legal team at Vector Legal Company to resolve business disputes and avoid any court trial. So, we make an effort and keep our clients out of court.


Any business agreements are made to be negotiated. Our legal company provides our clients with the confidence to enter contractual negotiations from a strong, knowledgeable position.


If you require a contract lawyer to draw up, review a contract or advise on an agreement, please do talk to us. We are always happy to discuss your queries and discuss fees.


To discuss how we can assist you with drafting/negotiating commercial agreements, call our Kyiv office on +380 678624417 or contact us via email.



Your sincerely,

Eugene Vlasov


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