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Non-Profit Orgatizations, Non-Governmental Organizations in Ukraine

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There are many benefits for a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) activity in Ukraine: from qualifying for financial assistance from government bodies to getting tax exemptions and training opportunities for your community.

To register as an NGO in Ukraine, start by organizing the required deed for the application. Then, apply for NGO status through the applicable governmental department. Once you receive NGO, your NGO, if needed, can be listed within relevant registrar as non-profit organization under local state legislation, so you can use all benefits in this regard.

You need to pass several steps to register NGO:


(1) Chose a name and logo for the NGO.

(2) Identify the type of NGO your organization will be (civil organization, charitable or religious organizations).

(3) Write down the organization’s mission statement, aims with respect to legal demands in Ukraine.

(4) Make by-laws, minutes of NGO as well as required deeds to registrar

(5) Apply online, if available, for a quicker option (but this option is not available for foreigner founders of NGO)

(6) Apply for tax exempt status as an NGO. In Ukraine if the NGO is listed within tax non-profit registrar, will not pay corporate tax.


NGO should file tax non-profit report annually, but if NGO has staff, any assets (transport, real estates and etc.) you need to report to tax office repeatedly with respect to relevant tax demands.


Total timeline of NGO registration in Ukraine will take 2 weeks.


Our team provide you with full legal and accounting support to pass all steps of NGO registration as well as activity, funding in Ukraine successfully.


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