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Dispute resolutions, litigation in Ukraine


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At Vector Legal Company, our lawyers draw upon their in-depth experience, trusted judgment and insight to develop a customized strategy. We tackle challenges efficiently and effectively so that you can be calm and move ahead.


Our dispute resolution lawyers have the most appropriate tools and strategies for each step of the court process and each unique situation.


We also work with you to estimate and prevent your risks in relation to the legal costs of the dispute and to seek to minimize the likelihood of future obstacles.


Your success is our priority and core principle.


We understand the specific needs of each client and provide appropriate solutions to his problems. The exclusivity of the client is main pillar of our work, so we handle only those matters that we are good at.


Our highly skilled team are driven by an unwavering determination to achieve the best outcomes and results for our clients who are involved in any litigations in Ukraine.


We actively pursue all avenues of dispute resolution available and work closely with our clients to ensure that disputes are resolved as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


Our Attorneys work closely with both Ukrainian and international clients on the following matters:



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