Our core activities


Obtaining tax code for taxpayer
under Ukrainian Law

Labor permit

Obtaining, updating
labor permits for expats

ремонт планшета PRESTIGIO

Residency permit

Obtaining, updating
temporary resident permit

ремонт планшета SAMSUNG

Set up business

Incorporating your company
according to the Law of Ukraine


Choosing preferable tax system
for your business in Ukraine

Our benefits

Understanding Client’s internal business process

We have experience in legal support of various kinds of projects provided for small entrepreneurs, as well as international corporations

Comprehensive legal support

Our attorneys and accountants have profound legal proficiency and skills to provide Client with comprehensive legal support in doing business

and system approach

Out-of-the-box solutions of our attorneys and accountants enable to settle Client’s disputes

Legal services across Ukraine

Thanks to our partners we have network of offices across Ukraine so our legal advice is available wherever required

Assistance in implementation of legal advice

We not only provide recommendations and legal opinion, but assist their practical implementation. Minimize risks for your business

Whether you want to set up business in Ukraine or just want to streamline your Ukraine operations, talk to us

Our partners

Асоціація працівників України
Приватний підприємець
Національна платформа малого та середнього бізнесу

Our clients

Асоціація працівників України

Client’s success stories

Case number 1


Setting a task by the Сlient

In 2017, a client, a construction company, received a down payment from the counterparty, an appropriate tax invoice was drawn up and filed for registration, and the registration, which was stopped by the tax authority, was filed and filed for registration. At the end of 2018, an administrative suit was filed

Our legal position

The abstraction and fuzziness of the criteria used by the tax authorities violate the rights and interests of the company. The company submitted all possible and foreseen by the current legislation of Ukraine documents for registration of the tax invoice


Successfully challenged in the court of first instance. An appeal is ongoing

Case number 2


Setting a task by the Сlient

According to the results of the planned tax audit in early 2018, the tax authority did not recognize expenditures of about UAH 3 million that were made by the company in favor of its counterparties, entrepreneurs. The risk, among other things, was the recognition by another controlling body - the State Labor Organization, that the actual labor relations formed, which is the basis for the application of penalties

Our legal position

Representation was carried out at the pre-trial stage, objections were prepared, an appropriate evidence base was collected, representation was submitted to the tax authority.


The controlling authority has agreed with the taxpayer′s arguments and revised its position, recognizing the company′s expenses in the amount of UAH 3 million.